Homophobia and children

Homophobia and children

This article mad me so mad I can’t stand it. I am venting here because I can’t vent anywhere else right now. Read it. Join me in being pissed off!

There are a list of things in this person’s behavior that are utterly outrageous: touching someone else’s child, verbally assaulting another adult, and then a child, implying that a child should DIE. ALL IN PUBLIC. Are you kidding me??? And what about the people watching? Where was the support for the mother who was intimidated and bullied, along with her toddler. Online support is great, but she should have had people lining up around her in that moment.

This leads me to the terrifying side of this event. It is not an isolated event and it is not an uncommon point of view. I think we are hearing about it because of the occupation of the mother, and because it happened to a child. But this terrorizing and bullying and threatening behavior happens to people every day. And every single time it is UNACCEPTABLE. 

Our country and our culture is built on the right to express your views and ideals freely, but when they infringe on the safety and health of another person, I think your rights end. It is your right to think that a child wearing a headband makes him gay. But your rights end the moment you touch that child, his possessions, threaten his safety, and threaten his life. 

One more thing. We are all super brave online. We can post comments that are inflammatory, call out bad behavior, vent our frustrations, and accuse others of being small minded all from the safety of our keyboards and the anonymity that the internet provides. But this means NOTHING if we cannot show the same bravery in a moment when a child is being threatened. Be brave. Stand up. Call out dangerous behavior and bigotry and violence and homophobia when you see it, not just when you read about it.


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