And on the Third Day Faraday Rose From The Tomb…

I have been stymied by my own problems for a while. This expresses what I have been unable to while this cloud keeps me quiet. Well done!

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This was not my intended blog, but another reactive one to some of the comments I received about the last one. For those new to this, I am writing a post a day, many of which are me working out what I think I think about something. They are written hastily, messily but passionately. Sorry for the grammar and punctuation chaos. 


As I presumed while I was writing yesterday’s blog post on science, a few have commented that it sounded “a bit like a religion”.

Religious promoters and science decriers have an advantage using the positive PR for faith groups, who rationalise that so many human endeavours, social behaviours and private contemplations are “like religion really”. I have already trodden in religion to some minds by mentioning contemplation, hang on, isn’t that what monks may do, and thus, thinking about things “is a bit like religion”.

Enjoying a…

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