just me?

I desperately wish I knew more. I am learning everything I can about physics and evolution and natural selection, and I love it. It’s fascinating when I have time to plow through it. But philosophy? Gag me with spoon. It is quite a conundrum to be exploring my questions about gods and faiths and the universe, and I am avoiding philosophical arguments like the freaking plague. I just really don’t like philosophy. I never have. 

Also- side note, could some please organize the internet better. I am having trouble finding the good information.

2 thoughts on “just me?

  1. Philosophy is just a means. You do not to use it if you do not like it. But thinking is essential to come to understand some things. We do have to use our brains to study things and to do a proper research. For doing our research we can make use of many different means, study-books and look at all the material which is available for us. We can grab it and use it in accordance.

    The internet is a mountain full of billions of words and terms. Before we can look something up over there in the garbage belt, we have to know what we are looking for and have to try to specify it. How more you can specify what you are looking for how easier you will be able to find it.

    God luck with your quest.

    • I am all for the academic rigor. That is what this time is all about for me. I was just tired of the word play and semantic gymnastics when the facts were really simple. I do wish sometimes we could distill the discussion down to make it simpler. But we are not simple creatures. Thanks for the post.

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