can a good person be a bad Christian?

I was reading an article the other day, something about raising Christian children, and I strayed into the comments section. Always a dangerous place. One theme I noticed, and it rears it’s head on Christian articles all the time, is that Christians have this habit of saying, “Well, that person obviously does not believe in God like I do. Their faith is wrong.” Wait… what? 

How in the world do you know that you are being Christian the “right way” and they are being Christian “wrong”? Even when I was certain of my belief in God, I was still not convinced that I was absolutely right. I never viewed my beliefs as infallible, or the ideas I held to be true as universal. Maybe that’s why questioning it all has come about. Maybe my doubt was deeply seeded and inevitable.

But I am still curious. How can someone look at their religious beliefs, their faith, for which there is no empirical evidence, and say, “Oh, I am right. And that person is obviously wrong.” Why? Admittedly, I much prefer my Christian friends who love gay people, women’s rights to reproductive health care, and have a strong sense of social justice; as opposed to Christians who hate gays, oppress women, and talk incessantly about “teaching a man to fish” while children starve and die. But it is those very people that I love who are saying that other Christians are serving the wrong god or being too literal or giving Christianity a bad name or whatever. I think this misses an important point.

Faith is supposed to change you, right? God or Jesus is supposed to change your heart and make you a better person. Unfortunately, in a world where we can personalize everything from a kitchen mixer to our bath towels, remember- people personalize their faith too. I did. I made up my mind about how I felt about the world and then twisted my faith to make it fit my view. Therefore, if I was more conservative, more male, and WAY less tolerant of everyone who was not those things, I could probably tailor my faith to that world view. In short- maybe that person is not doing Christianity wrong. Maybe it isn’t that their beliefs are kind of asshole-ish. Maybe they are just assholes. And I am not convinced that belief in God has ever made someone who is an asshole suddenly stop being an asshole.

*side note- I am not dissing all conservative males, I was just referring to a particularly loud and irritating segment of people who fall into that category.

2 thoughts on “can a good person be a bad Christian?

  1. All people are created in the image of God. Jesus, the son of God, tried to make clear for everybody who his Father was and how we should behave in His Universe. those who call themselves Christians should be followers of Jesus Christ, and should believe that he was a man of flesh and blood who really was born, could be seen by many, could be tempted could sin and really died. (All things God can not, and proof that Jesus is not God.) Christians should become like Jesus which would make them not to be Jesus nor to be God, but they should resemble him, living according his commandments and doing the Will of the same person Jesus wanted to do (Not his will but the Will of God).

    Without works faith is death, so those who call themselves Christians should work hard to change their life, their attitude, so that they can fit in the Body of Christ. they also should come to have the same love as Christ had for the other people in the world, believers, non-believers and other believers. This will make them different of ordinary non-believers, atheists, other believers like Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.. The world should see the difference between a civic doing good and a Christian doing good, because the last one should do it to everybody and share the love to everybody no matter which situation, race, colour, sex or gender, language or culture.

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