What The Professor Loves About Christmas, and What I am Less Keen On

Best list of things about the holidays that you will read this year. Maybe ever.

Robinince's Blog

For non-London types and others, here is unexpurgated piece on love and hate of Christmas from this week’s Time Out

Ten reasons I hate Christmas 

  1. I hate Christmas because it’s no longer at Christmas. I thought Christmas worked very well, when towards mid December, there was a sense of festivity. Now that the first adverts involving Santa and reduced meat cuts starts while I am still having to put on factor 30 sunscreen (I am a pale and delicate individual), it is joyless bombardment. Wizzard wished it could be Christmas every day, well Wizzard, beware what you wish for, it is almost true now.
  2. This constant Christmas also means that I forget that, at some point, it really will be Christmas day. The Christmas lights grow banal and then suddenly, it’s 24th December and it really is Christmas now. And thus a hurtle around with the other dimwits attempting to…

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