On Prayers, carols and grimaces – to be godless and devoid of god-shaped holes

This is beautiful- “My life may have holes, that’s why it sometimes makes a whistling sound when I am in a hurry, but none of them seem to be god-shaped.”

Robinince's Blog

I find church services make me grimace more each year. I grimace inwardly, it would be rude to grimace in front of the parish, though most wouldn’t notice the grimace as it would be worst when they are kneeling to pray. Mind you, the vicar might see me, and she might be a tattle tale, or pull me over during the handshake and ask about my overly active facial muscles and then we’d have to have that talk – atheist to Anglican, Anglican to atheist. 

I am not one of those atheists who hankers for the church service and gets a thrill of togetherness when in a pew. 

I like churches, but I prefer them on a Monday afternoon, when you can saunter and peruse the plaques, masonry and leaflets on outreach, society, and floral arrangement  timetables. 

I don’t go to church at Christmas, I feel no pang. I watched…

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