A question about religious faith and science

I am thinking about this constantly right now.

Adventures in randomness

I haven’t really touched the issue of faith or religion in awhile because, quite frankly, I’m trying to live a more zen-like existence. I don’t much care for conflict, and faith can often be a significant source of strife and disagreement, so I’ve been trying to use a “live and let live” approach when it comes to faith. At the same time, however, I do view faith as something that can significantly impact the planet and the quality of life of everyone living on it. I’m sure there are many positive aspects to faith and religion, but in my view there are many negative ones as well.

Dedicated readers will know that I view science as the key to progress and a means to answers regarding life and the universe. To this end, I regard science as a neutral and objective tool. And after taking some zen-time to reflect upon…

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