somuch about me or the blog or something

I started this blog as a way to share my experience as I question my faith and religion. Should be light-hearted stuff mostly. Memes and kittens and such. Maybe a useless home remedy or craft project. But also, a bit of theology, a bit of science, and a lot of me.

Backstory? Honestly I am a little wary of putting too much information about myself out for all to see. I am nervous about the people I love knowing about my confusion and (I hesitate to say struggle, but I can’t think of another word so…) struggle with faith and religion. I don’t want to hurt them, or worry them.

What do I know about myself? I like chocolate, mexican food, nice restaurants, and science-y TV shows. I love my family and friends. I care deeply about social justice and creating positive change in the world. I love the beach and fireplaces and wine, sometimes all together!

What do I not know about myself? Well…. that’s what the blog is for.

6 thoughts on “somuch about me or the blog or something

  1. I appreciate your honesty. Most people want evidence why something is true. Have you ever asked a Christian, “Why do you believe in God?” What is their answer? Is it, “I can’t really prove He exists; I just accept Him by faith.” The problem with this answer is there is no logic in it. It is as if we are staring at a green wall, but insisting it is red. It makes us look like intellectual morons or idiots of sorts. Is this your perspective?

  2. I have been asking a lot of people why they believe in God. And I have gotten a variety of answers. Everything from, “I feel his presence” to “I don’t know…. I guess cause I was raised too.” I like both answers, they are very honest. Since I have always thought of myself as someone who is smart and willing to learn, I don’t want to say that having faith makes someone an intellectual moron. Especially since I know some brilliant people of faith, that I have great respect for.

  3. I enjoyed visiting your blog. I can identify a lot with your experience with religion. I am also nervous about revealing too much to my family and friends about the change in my spiritual journey. I also like everything you mentioned above, specially the beach and wine. I am not crazy about chocolate or fireplaces though. I prefer oatmeal cookies…. :-).

    • Good oatmeal cookies are the bomb! A classic and a favorite, although I love food so much it is sometimes hard to pick a favorite. Chocolate. I pick chocolate. Thanks for visiting. Talking about this process has made it easier to start to open up to a select few people in my family, and I love the supportive blogger community. Come back again!

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