Origins? Effort? Blah.

I am being bombarded by evolution! I have been reading a Christian book, Finding Faith, that was written to help answer the questions of those who have doubts about faith or are seeking answers. One of the first things they address is the creation of the universe.

I was trying to do homework and watching a Firefly marathon on the Science channel (nerd alert) and Morgan Freeman was asking, “did God create evolution?” to advertise Through the Wormhole. And I just don’t know.

I really think most reasonable people can agree that evolution is real and our species evolved just like every other species on the planet. But did God set it all in motion? (insert shrug here) Wouldn’t it be easier if I could just go back and not have questions? (shrug again) I don’t want to, but I remember hearing about “child-like faith” and how that was so great and that we should all aspire to this simple, unquestioning, easy view of God and faith. Seems pretty alluring right now. 

Instead of considering all of this I guess I will drink more coffee, watch Firefly, and research human trafficking as planned for tonight. And maybe take the night off from asking these questions. I have homework to do.

Evolution vs. Creationism?

Evolution vs. Creationism?

I was reading the religious section of the Huffington Post, browsing for something to inspire or anger or enlighten me. I found this gem-

It says in this article, that only 21% of the people in the U.S. think that humans evolved without divine intervention. Hmmmm. Not really surprising since this is a predominately Christian (or religious in some way) country.

What struck me was a couple of things. Firstly, 37% of people think that God created humans in their present form. Really? REALLY?? Come on! There is so much evidence to the contrary! I can’t imagine the amount of time and energy it must take to stick your head that deeply into the sand. Willful ignorance is the most irritating thing I can think of.

Secondly, 40% of people favor teaching creationism in our schools, and 29% were unsure how they felt about that. This is really disturbing to me. Even now, as I am systematically questioning everything that I have ever thought to be true, as I am questioning my life, my society, my faith, my upbringing- even now I can say absolutely that creationism should NOT be taught in schools.

My reason should be obvious, but just in case it isn’t let me spell it out. Public schools are entities that are funded by the government with money from everyone’s pockets. They are not a platform to spread any kind of pseudo-scientific information or agenda which cannot be proven… which is why it would be pseudo-science.

Even as a person who believed in God, I never believed in creationism. And intelligent design should stay out of schools too, because really, it is no better.

Tim Minchin (yes, I am a bit obsessed with him right now) said it so well- “Their defense is always, ‘But evolution is only a theory!’ Which is true. I mean, it is a theory. And it’s good, you know, that they say that. Because it gives you hope that they may feel the same way about the theory of gravity and they might just float the fuck away.”